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" /> <body> <div id="page"> <div id="header"> </div> sensi.seeds.nl.cannabissativashop.com <div id="menu"> <ul> <li><a href="/">Home</a></li> <li><a href="/ ?????? ??????? ?? Email Google.Com.html"> ??? google.com ?? ?? google.com</a></li> <li><a href="/ ?????? ??????? ?? EMail google.com.html"> "??" "??" email google.com</a></li> <li><a href="/ ??? GOOGLE.COM ???? EMAIL GOOGLE.COM.html"> ?????? Email ?? ?? ??</a></li> </ul> </div> <div id="content"> <h1>???? ?? google.com ??? ???? </h1> <h2> ?????? ??????? ??????? google.com ???????</h2> <p>6-THC 50<,7-dihydroxy-t ??? ????? ?? Email: Google.Com ??? ?????? ?? EMail google.com ?????? ??????? ?? EMail google.com ??? ?? ?? Email Google.Com ????? EMail ????? ??? EMail "???" "??" ???? google.com ?????? ?? ?? Email Google.Com ?????? ?? ?? EMail google.com google.com "???" google.com "??" ??? ?? ?? EMail google.com "??" "??" email google.com "???" "??" EMail google.com ??? ?? ? EMail google.com "??" ???? "???" ???? "???" Google.Com ???? "??" ?????? ???? ?? EMail google.com "??" "???" "???" "???" "???" "??" ???? Google.Com ??? ????? ?? EMail google.com "??" "??" EMail google.com Other sulfur analogs include 247,248, and 249 9) of cannabinoidlike benzoxocinols 163 and 164 by condensing p-menth-Len-Sol (161) or pmentha ·3,8·diene (162) with olivetol (6) in the presence of HCOOH 6-THC 5-keto-e 6 -THC 1" -hydroxy-t </p> <h2> ??? ???? ?? Email Google.Com -- Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:36:00 PM </h2> <h2> "??" "??" email google.com </h2> <p><img border="4" src="/images/M1maijuanna.jpg" alt=" Spicecannabisstrainforsale" style="float: center" > ance shows signs of both Indica and Sativa heritage. Large, broad bladed leaves, but lighter green in color than typical Indica. Somewhere in between stature." "Mother plants (J1 and J3) - Grow vigorously and bushy. J1 is the hardiest looking of the two females. Father plants (J2 and J4) - Grow vigorously and bushy. J4 is the hardiest looking of the two males (surprisingly, this J4 grew from a seed I'd characterize as a ""runt"", about half the size of his siblings' seeds). Unfortunately all clones of J4 were lost and I have only a ""decent"" supply of pollen from his flowers. Clones - Very quick to root (10 - 14 days) with a success rate of 90 to 100%. Several small, poorly rooted clones eventually came around and flowered nicely. Rooting occurs independent of the method used; RW cubes with pH 6 or 5.8, Rootone or not, seems to make little difference." "Flowering - Once rooted, the RW cube is buried up to it's top in a 6 inch round pot of 50% perlite 50% Hyponex Professional Soil Mix, fertilized initially with Miracle Grow 15-30-15 at 1/2 tsp. per gal of pH 6.5 water. Once looking well at 12cm tall, flowering is begun with a 12hr light/dark cycle. During the first week they ""shoot"" up 30 to 50cm with large fan leaves but suddenly look over-fertilized (Miracle Grow has urea-based nitrogen) with curling at the tips of the leaves. They respond virtually overnight to a good, thorough leaching with plain water, then they take on a dark green color and start to ""bud out"" rather than get taller. After the first week of flowering, feeding is switched to Shultz's Bloom 10-60-10 at 1/2 tsp. per gal of pH 6.5 water; I soak the pots and wait a couple days until they get lightweight before the next good soaking. Flowers appear Sativa-like and extremely resinous, except that they continue to get progressively fatter and denser, much heavier buds than the Jack Herer itself does." "I would guess that the father of the seeds was a skunk or similar strain, since the calyx to leaf ratio is so high; the flowers just keep sprouting out in all directions from the bud with only tiny, resin coated leaflets interspersed between flower clusters. The leaves, all but the fan leaves, are covered in stalked resin glands from base to tip. Sample smoking of immature buds which were culled (tried to flower them in RW cubes but they died) after two or three weeks of flowering proved to have a sweet, skunky taste and produced a very ""happy"" high, not at all paranoia-inducing. The finished product should be excellent. Currently, I have several healthy, rapidly budding clones that are in their third week of flowering and they may well finish before their eighth week. The lowest four branches of one J1 clone were selectively pollinated using the J4 male's pollen and should yield roughly 50 seeds. My hope is that these seeds will produce plants with a great variety of fine characteristics. The outstanding gene pool should ensure that, inbreeding con </p> <h2> ?????? ?? ?? Email Google.Com</h2> <p>, he becomes destructive. Man's inner being is savage, primitive, and inherently antisocial. This model of man, given its greatest impetus by Freud, had influenced popular criminology for almost a century. It is completely inadequate to explain anything, and blatantly false as a description of man and what makes him tick. I will conclude this topic by asking a set of questions that any theory of lawbreaking must answer, which cast doubt on the theory of the lowering of inhibitions as a cause of crime (and as a reason why marijuana, specifically, is inherently criminogenic). No one has adequately explained why or how it is that a "loss of control" or a "release of inhibitions" will necessarily—or ever—result in violent crimes, or crimes of any sort. Why violence? Why crime? Why, if man becomes less inhibited, does he do harm to his fellow man? Is the internal life of man intrinsically antisocial? Do we really have such a gloomy image of who man "really" is, what he "really" wants to do? Are man's most fundamental and well-hidden desires really of such a destructive nature? How are these desires generated? Are they intrinsic in the nature of man? Or are they socially generated? (14 of 28)4/15/2004 1:08:08 AM The Marijuana Smokers - Chapter 9 Or do they exist at all? Why isn't man's internal life more creative, more directed toward the good of society (however that might be interpreted)? What, specifically, is the mechanism that translates a "loss of control" into acts of violence and crime? Could it be that man fears doing charitable acts toward his fellow man because he will be thought a dupe and a fool? Perhaps any "liberating" mechanism will bring out these philanthropic tendencies. Are charitable acts rewarded in our society? Perhaps "inhibitions" serve to restrain man from being generous and socially constructive. Are acts of creativity and imagination rewarded by us? Perhaps a release of inhibitions really serves to bring out man's inner being—which is more creative, not more violent, than is apparent in public. (The Timothy Leary camp, too, asserts that the psychedelic drugs release inhibitions, but their image of man's essential being is different from the antipot lobby's.) The "fact" that marijuana releases inhibitions and, therefore, is criminogenic, is a common accusation. But it is built on a theory and an image of man that is essentially outdated today. There is no evidence to support the contention that man, disinhibited, is any more dangerous than man with his protective cultural shield around him. He who makes the accusation assumes automatically that inhibitions are a wholesome and protective device that no society can do without. Man, after all, the theory goes, is essentially evil. Therefore inhibitions are good, because they restrain man's essential nature. This is an assumption that many informed students of man are not willing to make. Before we can take seriously the accusation that mariju <img border="0" src="/images/Ascii-Pot-Leaf.jpg" style="float: left" > oxicated by liquor, a crime may be committed because moral restraint is not functioning; under the spell of marihuana, the crime must be committed because it is the right thing to do, and it would be wrong not to do it.... A remarkable difference between opium derivatives and marijuana lies in the strange fact that while under the influence of marihuana the addict is frenzied and may do anything; it is only when he is deprived of his drug that the morphinist or the heroinist becomes frenzied and commits crimes. Marihuana, while giving the hallucinations of cocaine, adds delusions of impending physical attack by one's best friend or close relatives. In addition, marihuana is intrinsically and inherently crime exciting. It has led to some of the most revolting cases of sadistic rape and murder of modern times...1 This is the issue in its purest form. Although few participants of the debate would accept this version literally, some do accept its basic premise—that marijuana is inherently criminogenic. Thus, the question of marijuana's impact on crime needs exploration. Doctors, Policemen, and Sociologists The position that marijuana causes crime and violence does not have full support today. In fact, only the police and some segments of the public are solidly behind the contention (2 of 28)4/15/2004 1:08:08 AM The Marijuana Smokers - Chapter 9 that marijuana actually causes crime2 and violence. The official stance of federal,3 state, and most local law enforcement agents is that marijuana, at the very least, plays a significant role in the commission of crimes of violence. "Marihuana is not only an extremely dangerous drug, it is a menace to public health, safety and welfare" said the ex- Commissioner of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Henry L. Giordano.4 "Every user is a potential danger to the general public," Director of the New York State Bureau of Narcotic Control, and Executive Secretary of the International Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association, John J. Bellizzi, is quoted as saying,5 referring to a federally sponsored study to be discussed shortly. The Los Angeles Police Department, in conjunction with the Narcotic Education Foundation of America, has written, assembled, printed, and distributed a pamphlet entitled "Facts about Marijuana," which asserts the criminogenic power of cannabis. There seems little doubt that probably a majority of all law enforcement officers believe that marijuana is instrumental in the precipitation of criminal behavior. There are, of course, exceptions. Thorvald T. Brown, for instance, in a textbook on drugs for policemen wrote: ... there is no more criminality in a tin of marijuana than there is in a fifth of whiskey, gin or vodka. Bizarre criminal cases attributable to marihuana and other drugs, while common in newspaper stories, are rather rare in official police files. Crimes of violence such as murder, rape, mayhem, shootings, stabbings, </p> </div> <div id="sidebar"> <h2> ??? ?? ?? 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