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It has been filtered down through so many levels, has exchanged hands so many times, that the world of toplevel selling and of the average user are as alien to one another, and about as likely to associate with one another, as the tobacco auctioneer and the cigarette smoker. The average user buys his pot from a friend, even though it may originally have been derived from someone whose livelihood is dealing. In New York State, the line dividing a misdemeanor from a felony in marijuana possession is either twenty-five cigarettes or an ounce; the reasoning is that anyone with such a quantity may be presumed to intend to sell, even if no actual sale is detected. On one level, this distinction is absurd and erroneous; on another, it indirectly captures something of the flavor of the actual situation. To suppose that anyone who purchases and possesses one ounce—or who happens to have an ounce lying around, remaining from a possibly even larger purchase—is necessarily going to sell anything from that ounce, is to adopt a peculiar conception of what is actually happening. But to think that anyone who has as much as an ounce is sufficiently integrated into the marijuana community as to render it likely that he has participated in a number of marijuana-related activities—selling among them—is an accurate supposition. The smoker who purchases (and possesses) only an ounce is unlikely to split it up for the purpose of selling it to others. The law, moreover, makes no distinction between the act of selling or giving away small quantities to friends or acquaintances for little or no profit, and dealing on a largescale professional basis. In September 1969, a twenty-one-year-old man was sentenced to fifty years in prison by the state of Texas for the act of selling two marijuana cigarettes. 17 Although the legal implications of petty selling and professional dealing are identical, the social worlds of these activities are radically disjunctive. So there is the question of what the penalties are designed to deter. Is it the technical fact that the literal act of an exchange of money for marijuana took place? Or is it designed to eradicate the source of the drug? Can a user who has only an ounce or two in his possession where distribution sources must be measured in kilograms, not ounces, possibly be the original source for anyone's drug use, aside from his own and a few (15 of 18)4/15/2004 1:08:20 AM The Marijuana Smokers - Chapter 10 friends? In fact, it is probably saf ?????? ?? ?? Email Google.Com, ????????? ?? ?? EMail google.com, Email ?? ??? ?? Email , ?? google.com ?? ??? google.com , ?? EMail google.com google.com google.com , ????? ?? ?? EMail google.com, ??? ?? ?? EMail google.com, "??" "??" EMail google.com, ????????? ??? ?? Email Google.Com, "???" ?? google.com, ???? google.com ???? google.com ?? , ??????? ?? ?? Email Google.Com, GOOGLE.COM EMAIL ?? ??? ?? , "??" "??" Email google.com, google.com google.com ?? google.com ?? , ??? ????? ?? Email Google.Com, ?????? ?? ?? EMail google.com, ?? Email ?? ??? ?? , ??? ???? ?? Email Google.Com, EMAIL GOOGLE.COM ????????? ????????? GOOGLE.COM , ????? ????? ????? ?? ????? , ????????? ??? ?? EMail google.com, Handrick, and H Synthesis of other THCs and Related Cannabinoids 221 OH oOH HO~'H' p·TSA + • I l- See, for example, 1 </p> <h2> -- Friday, February 23, 2018 8:54:39 AM </h2> <h2> "???" ?? Google.Com </h2> <p><img border="1" src="/images/Https-Www-Google-Fr.jpg" alt=" 1968 Arrest For Pot Seed" style="float: center" > Synthesis of other THCs and Related Cannabinoids 221 OH oOH HO~'H' p·TSA + • I l- </p> <h2> ?????? ???? ?? ???? Google.Com</h2> <p><p align="right"> Overall Structure-Activity Relationships in Cannabinoids 253 sions originally put forth <a href="http://sensi.seeds.nl.cannabissativashop.com/cannabisshortinternodes.html" title="Cannabisshortinternodes" alt="Cannabisshortinternodes" >Cannabisshortinternodes</a> by Roger Adams and co-workers</p> <img border="0" src="/images/Marijuanahermi.jpg" style="float: left" > by the subject himself. The mind assimilates and, in a sense, becomes the experience. The subject apprehends a reality, explores a (9 of 34)4/15/2004 1:07:27 AM The Marijuana Smokers - Chapter 7 subjective realm which reverberates in his own psyche, accepts the total reality of a given phenomenon without regard to external validation, and in a sense defines the configurations of the experience completely. For this level of meaning we must, of course, ask the marijuana user what are the effects of the drug. We must rely on his descriptions of the high to know anything about the subjective lineaments of the experience. In our interview we included the question: I want you in as much detail as you can, describe to me everything that happens to you when you get high the high and everything else. Try to describe it to a person who has never been high before; please include everything that you feel, think, perceive, etc., whatever it is. Of our 204 respondents, seven said that they had never been high, and six said that they had, but claimed not to be able to describe it in any way, holding that its reality was too subjective and elusive for description. Our information, therefore, is based on the 191 individuals who said that they had been high and offered to describe their experience. It must be remembered that this was an open-ended question, with no attempt to structure the responses in any way. This has both virtues and flaws. On the one hand, we did not force any responses on the interviewees. On the other hand, their answers might, by their own admission, be incomplete; they did not necessarily think of all the effects of the drug in an artificial interview situation, to a stranger. However, we assume that the ones they mentioned will be most salient to them, a not unreasonable assumption, although one not in every instance correct. A structured question will also yield a far higher overall response rate. If we had asked our interviewees directly whether or not marijuana had an impact on, say, their conception of time, more than one-quarter would have agreed that it did. Every effect would have drawn greater agreement, but the rank-order of effects should be roughly the same with the two techniques. This contention is born out when our data are compared with studies wherein a direct closed-choice question is asked for each effect. For instance, in an informal study of seventy-four marijuana users in New York, 91 percent agreed that marijuana made them feel more relaxed, 85 percent said that being high makes music sound better, 66 percent said that the drug helps a person feel more sociable at a party, and 35 percent claimed that it helps a person understand himself better (62 percent disagreed with the last effect).15 The structured question, however, was unworkable for my study, due to the diversity of responses; we could not have offered every possible effect as an alternative, for we would have had no t </p> </div> <div id="sidebar"> <h2> ????? ?? ?? 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